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Working Group

In September 2015, President ad interim Hobson Wildenthal established a campuswide working group to recommend implementation policies to UT System, including locations where concealed carry would be prohibited.

Committee Chair: Dr. Alex Piquero, Ashbel Smith Professor of Criminology, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences

Dr. Hobson Wildenthal
President ad interim

Dr. Inga Musselman
Acting Provost

Dr. Andrew Blanchard
Dean of Undergraduate Education and Mary McDermott Cook Distinguished Chair for Undergraduate Education and Research

Dr. Ellen Safley
Dean of McDermott Library

Dr. Marion Underwood
Dean of Graduate Studies and Associate Provost, Ashbel Smith Professor in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Dr. Timothy Redman
Professor in the School of Arts and Humanities, Speaker of Faculty Senate

Naomi Emmett
Staff Council President

Dr. Gene Fitch
Vice President for Student Affairs

Matt Grief
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Calvin Jamison
Vice President for Administration

Amanda Rockow
Vice President for Public Affairs

Susan Rogers
Vice President for University Advancement

Tim Shaw
University Attorney

Larry Zacharias
University Police Chief

Caitlynn Fortner
Student Government President

Milton Bernal
Comet Families Ambassador



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