2021/02/24: Congratulations to Coleman Moss for receiving a Jonsson School Undergraduate Research Award for his work on modeling wind farm performance with Machine Learning

2020/11/13: Dr. Iungo has received the CAREER Award from NSF CBET Fluid Dynamics!!! (link)

2020/08/26: New NSF MRI project in collaboration with the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities to develop a field-scale imaging system to investigate atmospheric turbulence and aerosol transport (link)

2018/08/20: The UTD BLAST Wind Tunnel is now Fully Operational!  G.V. Iungo design; AIOLOS Engineering; UTD-funded project (link)

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Welcome to WindFluX

Cover of the Wind Energy journal, Vol. 20 (11), November 2017 (link)

Cover of the Atmosphere journal, Vol. 10 (8), August 2019 (link)

Research at the Wind, Fluids, and eXperiments (WindFLuX) Laboratory focuses on understanding the organization of atmospheric boundary-layer turbulence, both onshore and offshore,  and developing models to predict the interaction between wind turbulence and the environment with applications to wind energy. Our investigations are performed using synergistically field experiments with our mobile wind LiDAR station, wind tunnel experiments, numerical and theoretical modeling.

WindFluX Team, September 2019

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Giacomo Valerio Iungo, PhD
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

The University of Texas at Dallas
Erik Jonsson School of Engineering & Computer Science

Phone: 1-972-883-4621
Office: WSTC 2.208

Postal address:
800 West Campbell Rd.
Richardson, TX 75080-3021
Mail Box: WT10

Website: Dr. Iungo’s Webpage