Astronaut Jim Reilly, UT Dallas Alum, Slated for July 12 Shuttle Flight
Mission to Deliver Joint Airlock to International Space Station

NASA astronaut Dr. Jim Reilly, a Mesquite, Tex., resident and alumnus of The University of Texas at Dallas, is expected to be aboard the space shuttle Atlantis on a mission to the International Space Station, currently scheduled for launch on July 12, 2001. This will be Reilly’s second shuttle flight and the 10th shuttle mission to visit the space station.

Reilly received his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Geosciences from UT Dallas before becoming an astronaut.

The upcoming mission (designated STS-104) will deliver and install a joint airlock on the space station. For additional information about the mission, please visit the following web sites:

The press kit for STS-104 can be obtained at:

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