Construction Projects to Alter Parking Routines on Campus

Major construction at UT Dallas over the next 18 months, coupled with expected growth in student enrollment this fall, means there will be fewer parking spaces in the short term at several locations on campus.

Faculty and staff should expect to park on the northeast or south ends of campus due to construction projects on the north end of campus that are expected to begin as early as mid-August.

“Our goal is to provide the best infrastructure we can to support continued student enrollment growth,” said Dr. Calvin Jamison, vice president for administration. “We hope to alleviate as much of the inconvenience as we can while we look forward to the future benefits of more covered parking space, additional student housing and a significantly enhanced north campus.”  

Here’s what to expect:

Beginning in mid-August, Lot L on the southeast corner of Rutford Avenue and Loop Road will be shut down to accommodate construction of a new parking structure at that intersection. Those who use Lot L are being redirected to park in Lots A and B on the northeast side of campus off of Floyd Road until the new parking structure is completed.

During the 2013-14 winter break, Lot P on the northeast corner of Rutford Avenue and Loop Road is expected to close.

Latest Updates

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Meanwhile, free Comet Cab campus shuttles will help transport students, staff and faculty from Lots A and B to other parts of campus.

To accommodate current Lot P users, about 120 faculty and staff parking spaces are being added to Lot T across Rutford from NSERL. Two rows of student parking also are being added to Lot T to provide about 400 total spaces for resident students. Most of the parking from Lot P, however, will be redirected to Lots A and B.

Ongoing projects on the south end of campus also will prompt a few changes. Lot Q, at the corner of Drives A and G, has been removed to accommodate construction of the School of Management addition.

However, two new parking areas on the south end of campus this fall will add about 1,200 new spaces.

Parking Structure I, a covered parking facility across Drive A from Lot Q, will provide 750 parking spaces in all permit categories except remote, now called “e-parking.” 

Lot U, a new parking lot south of the baseball fields near Campbell Road, is expected to add about 500 green-level parking spaces.

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